Global Commodity Investments Limited (GCIL)

Global Commodity Investments Limited (GCIL)

An Introduction to GCIL

Global Commodity Investments Limited (GCIL) specialise in Physical Precious Metal Investments, predominantly in the Gold & Silver Markets. GCIL consists of a group of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to offering investors a superb level of service within these exciting markets.

Buying and selling precious metals offers a viable alternative to traditional Stock market investments, to that end we have devoted ourselves to offering investors a range of commodity investment vehicles that feature limited levels of risk and unlimited profit potential.

With a varied range of investment products including CGT FREE UK coins, we believe we have accomplished our goal & are confident in our ability to help you achieve yours.

Our focus is to assist and advise client`s on how to invest in the potentially profitable Bullion markets in a variety of different ways, depending on their Investment objectives & Attitudes to risk.


Clients choose GCIL for the innovative, competitive product range that we offer and the personalised, traditional service that has been lost in this technological age.

We understand the significance of commodity investments to our client`s portfolios, so whether you are looking for your metal to be delivered or stored we maintain a unique one-to-one approach.


Our aim is to provide you with the products that are appropriate to your needs and suitable to your own specific risk profile.

The GCIL product range encompasses solutions at the lower end of the risk spectrum as well as those with greater associated risk for clients who are in search of higher returns.

Choose from products which can manage risk and diversify portfolios to more speculative investment opportunities. Whether you are looking for diversification, speculation or both, we can assist in creating the best physical commodities portfolio for you.

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