Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Alliance Finance Consultancy (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is known as the sole and full owner of all copyrights, among which is also the full right to all content of sites, in one way or another related to the Company. The use of both this material and other materials, including parts of the site in any way, other than personal use in the form of familiarization, is prohibited. An exception is only if written consent has been obtained and permission to use the materials from the Company.

Alliance Finance Consultancy is an appropriately registered trademark. All rights to use this trademark belong directly to the Company. Without special written permission, it is not allowed to use any of the attributes of the Company, including the logo owned by it, as well as other items. This means that the use of both the named name and the logo in unauthorized order will be prosecuted by law.

Any consumer can notify the Company in the event that he believes that the materials posted on this site in any way violate his rights, including copyright. The appeal will be accepted for consideration.

In turn, the user requires a correctly drawn-up appeal, which is accepted solely in writing. The text must necessarily contain a list of the necessary information:

– Link to the site material, which is the cause of copyright infringement;
– A reference to a source that the user considers to be the original of the material specified by the first link;
– Contact details of the person for whom there is an opportunity to contact;
– Arguments, arguments, and evidence in favor of copyright infringement;
– Documented confirmation of the right to act on behalf of a person whose copyright is violated by material posted on the site at the first link.

Appeals are accepted only by e-mail, postal service, or fax. All appeals made not in the form indicated, as well as those sent in any other way than those indicated, will not be accepted for consideration. This means that the user’s request must be made strictly according to the algorithm described above.

Thus, the copyrights of both the Company and users may be protected.

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