E-Money-Banking Platform - For Sale

E-Money-Banking Platform - For Sale

Multiple Challenges - One Banking Solution

Banks and Financial Institutions, Payroll solutions, FinTech platforms, Brokerage & Investments, POS & Merchant services, Loan origination, Fiat & Crypto payments, Neonbak projects.

Platform Core Features

The following functions are natively available with E-Money-Banking Platform and will be delivered with the software package. Usage and configuration of the features to be determined during the Platform setup.




Role-based access control (RBAC) for administrator users

Configure scope of events triggering notifications for the end-users (email and internal mail for web; push and in-app notifications for mobile) and admins (email and internal mail for web).

Operating environments

Web browser application; iOS and Android applications for end users


REST API that provides access to the core back end functions


The platform can be extended with optional integrations and features by request


Back Office System

Back Office System

Date and time format setup

Set up server date and time in specific format of the required region

System notifications

Configure scope of events triggering notifications for the end-users (email and internal mail for web; push and in-app notifications for mobile) and admins (email and internal mail for web).

Multi-currency settings

Fiat and cryptocurrency support is natively available for currency exchange transactions. Platform administrator has full control over the exchange rates, exchange rate margin settings, available currencies and more.

Configurable modules

Platform administrator has full control over the available system modules such as card management, GDPR.

User Management


User Management

Set up server date and time in specific format of the required region

Export and Import Users

The Platform allows to export users lists in CSV format. CSV import of users can be enabled as well.

User Groups

It is possible to create an unlimited number of different user groups in the system. By assigning users to a specific group, it is possible to configure personalized Fee settings.

Tiered KYC

Non-automated KYC process is available in the Platform. It allows configuring account limits and restrictions per country and user`s KYC level.

Accounts Management

Current Accounts

The Platform allows to open up current accounts in different currencies.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts can be configured by the administrators and made available to clients.

Line of Credit Accounts

Line of Credit accounts are supported by the Platform and can be configured by administrator users.

Minimum Balance Accounts

Minimum Balance accounts can be configured in the Platform and provided to the clients.

Minimum Balance condition can be also attached to Savings, Credit and Current accounts.

Monthly Maintenance

The Platform allows to charge a flat monthly maintenance fee in the currency of an account for Savings, Credit and Current accounts.

Account # Generation

The account number can be automatically generated by the Platform with or without prefix depending on the settings.

Administration Tools

Admin users are provided with the following options:

  • Initiate debit and credit transactions on behalf of users
  • See account reports and statements
  • Set the initial account balance
  • Manage the account information and settings
  • Set withdraw and deposit preferences for each account separately regardless of the account type;
  • Configure payment options for each account of the savings account type.
  • Activate and deactivate the accounts

IWT bank accounts management

Configure list and details of the bank accounts to receive incoming wire transfers for end-users.

Accounts overview

Overview/print/export to CSV file the list of all end-users and revenue accounts in the platform.




Admin users can execute transfers between accounts of the same end-user, P2P

transfers between users, outgoing wire transfers; Debit and credit of the end-users accounts manually; Deduct for the platform revenue accounts manually.

Exchange currency

Admins can perform cross-currency transfers between accounts, P2P and outgoing wire transfers based on the exchange rates specified in the platform.

Requests management

Configure types of transfers that require admin check procedure; Control manually the transfer requests that require admin action.

Fees management

Configure fees for each transfer type separately and assign them to specific groups of end-users.

Bulk payments

Import and process CSV files containing a multi-record list of debit or credit transfers for endusers.


Specific User Reports

3 types of the reports available:

  • account history of the selected account for the specified end-user;
  • account history of all accounts of the selected end-user (in case of multi-accounts case);
  • balances of all accounts for the selected end-user grouped by currencies and account types.

All reports can be filtered by date, printed and exported to CSV file as a

Statement with flexible date range specified by the admin

General System Reports

The following types of reports available:

  • All Transactions
  • Account Balances
  • Maturity Dates
  • All Cards
  • Manual Transactions
  • Interests
  • Revenue
  • System Overview

All reports can be filtered by date, printed and exported to CSV file as a  Statement with flexible date range specified by the admin.

Customer Support

System messages

Receive system notifications about configured scope of events in the Platform.


Chat with clients, send bulk notifications to the specific user groups or all users in the Platform.


Create and share articles, news or updates within the Platform.


Audit Trail

The Platforms traces the following events

  • IP addresses of users and admins;
  • All debit/credit and deduct transfers performed manually by admins;
  • Changes made to the profiles and accounts;
  • Status of all scheduled transactions in the Platform.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-based access control (RBAC) restricts back office access based on a person`s role within an organization. The roles in RBAC refer to the levels of access that employees have to the Platform. Access can be based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility, and job competency. In addition, access to the back office can be limited to specific tasks such as the ability to view, create, or modify



Automated Logout

Automatically terminate users` sessions based on their activity in order to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts and data.

Login Security

Change settings for the temporary blocking of the platform users by username or IP address: blocking duration, number of failed attempts, attempts reset time.


Transaction authentication number (TAN) is used as a form of single use one-time passwords (OTPs) to authorize transactions.


User Functions

Auth & Onboarding

Biometric Auth

Mobile application for the clients features Biometric Authentication with Face ID and Touch ID.


Two-factor authentication in the mobile applications comes with secure passcodes that are valid per session.

Phone and Email  Verification

Customers are required to verify their phone numbers and emails with the verification codes delivered by the Platform.

Session Timeout

Session timeout represents the event occuring when a user does not perform any action on a website during an interval. User is required to enter the passcode in order to resume using the app.

Password recovery

Restore password via email or phone number. Customer provides email or phone number assigned to the profile.

OTP code will be sent via SMS or email. After confirming OTP code, the user creates a new password.

Profile management

Manage Profile

Edit profile details except data disabled to change (scope of the data is configured by the admin in the system settings)


Review and upgrade KYC tier providing scope of the necessary documents and requesting upgrade from the admin.



Access general information about accounts and redirect quickly to the transfers for the selected account



Depending on the Platform configuration, clients can request or create additional accounts of multiple types (credit, savings etc.) and multiple currencies.

Transaction History

Clients can access accounts transaction history with comprehensive data on incoming and outgoing transfers.


Generate automatically statements for all end-user`s accounts for the fixed period (1 month) and generate manually statements for the specified date range into a PDF file.


QR Code Transfers

Clients can execute P2P transfers and send transfer requests with QR codes.

Address Book Transfers

Mobile application connects to a phone`s address book to allow smooth p2p transactions between friends and families.

Payment Links

Customers can initiate p2p transfers with payment links that can be shared privately or publicly with messengers, social networks, email and other channels.

Top Up and Withdraw

Requires integration with payment gateways or can be performed with a processing platform of the integrated banking system in case of top up and withdrawal with outer banking accounts, cards or ATMs.

Incoming and

Outgoing Wire


Requires integration with payments gateways or can be performed with the processing platform of the integrated banking system. Selected integration influences the processing time and taxes charged per transaction.

Cross-Currency Transfers

Cross-currency transfers based on the exchange rate and margin percentage specified in the platform settings.

Currency Exchange

Customers can execute currency conversion transactions for fiat and cryptocurrencies by moving money between different accounts attached to their profiles.

Pay Bills

Requires integration with the related service providers and aggregators.

Merchant Payments

Clients can navigate through a list of merchants and purchase goods and services within the app.


In-app banners

While the app is in the foreground the end-user receives notifications about scope of the main events concerning their account and profile or critical system notification (specified in the platform settings) as in-app banners displayed at the Overview screen. Banners can contain one or more action buttons. All notifications are listed in the separate section and are available to be checked anytime.

Push notifications

When the app is in the foreground or terminated, the end-user receives push notifications that are powered by the Firebase platform. Depending on the mobile OS push notifications can redirect the end-users directly to the action form or to the main list of notifications.

In-app notifications

Clients will receive in-app notifications then there are incoming transactions or transaction requests. In-app notifications are also available for KYC status changes.


Banner Ads

Banner ads can be delivered to clients through the mobile interface using the News service.

Invitation link

Send an invitation link to download the app to the contacts in the address book via SMS, share the link with friends via any installed social media application or copy/paste the link.


The `What`s new` module that allows admins of the platform to inform the end-users about any updates in the platform or provide general information and news as short articles.

Optional Extensions


The Platform has a capacity to enable cryptocurrency exchange and trading. It may require setting up the liquidity management, configuring a secure custody for digital assets and more.


Issue private or public tokens with ERC20 or Hyperledger and enable tokenized transactions.

Card Issuing

It is possible to issue and manage physical and virtual cards with the system after performing the additional configuration.

Banks & Gateways

We can assist with integrating to your preferred partner banks or gateways for automated Top Up and Withdrawal transactions.

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