Authorized Payment institution (API) - Sale Proposal

Authorized Payment institution (API) - Sale Proposal



The Company was founded in 2014 by a UK based entrepreneur and API license was granted in

2019. The company is providing Money remittance services which is the main activity of this entity.

License also allow them for other services as well.



The operation combines the advantages of a fully licensed API with the focus and reach of independent API operating and licensed from the Financial Conduct Authority.



The business lines are; Money Remittance,



The current management opted for a strategy that focuses on the continuation of all Money remittance services while the license awards the possibility to develop other facets


Accepting payment locally in the United Kingdom from clients.

  • 1 account in an FX company


Accepting card payments online.

  • Payment gateway provider for card payments acquire.


Safeguarding bank account in Europe

  • The business has Safeguarding bank account for the requirement from the FCA to safeguard clients funds

Cash Collection services

  • 2 Cash Collection services


API License in UK from the FCA

  • Authorized Payment institution License with a remittance permission to operate in the UK


Platform ready to send money around the world, wallet/bank/cash collection.

  • Platform and the network are ready to send and receive money

Technology to comply with the PSD2 and the Financial regulatory bodies.

Latest technology system all latest API features, System security and triggers and top notch, system comes with triggers to comply with the UK regulations. Compliance sanction screening all integrated in the system. Software is subscription based.

Mobile Application on IOS/ANDROID

Send and receive money through Banks, cash collection and online (Debit/Credit card) payments

Services to offer

Platform for White-lable to the start-ups

Next steps

The following next steps are proposed:

  • The Parties to go through this document and agree what is appropriate for them
  • Preparing the NDA and signing
  • Proof of funds
  • Sharing the company information
  • Due diligence
  • Agreement
  • Works to commence

Asking price

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