Bank in Cyprus For Sale

Bank in Cyprus For Sale

A banking institution registered and licensed by the Cypriot jurisdiction. The structure is under the control of the Cypriot Central Bank. The headquarters is located in Nicosia.

The half-year period that ended on June 30, 2021, differs as follows:

  • From the moment the company started its operations, the profit after taxes amounted to about 0.3 million euros. Operating loss at 30 June 2020 was euro 1.0 million;
  • there is a significant increase in indicators related to the loan portfolio. The total amount of loan loans amounted to about 297 million euros. which is 29% more than in the previous year;
  • The institution demonstrates a high level of capital adequacy. The total capital ratio was 18%, which was higher than then 15% minimum required by the SREP.
  • Excess liquidity is at a significant level. Deposits reach 332 million euros. All this is evidence of an increase of about 27% compared tothe same period last year.
  • Assets with a non-performing risk ratio equal to 0% for which the assessment was based on the definition of the European Banking Authority.
  • More efficient cost-to-income ratio, which is 94% compared to 128% last year.

The balance sheet was compiled for the year ended in 2020 (maybe presented by certain terms). To complete the transaction, the interested party must send a copy of the identification document (passport), an extract confirming the availability of a sufficient amount of funds, and confirmation of work experience in the fields of banking or in the financial industry in general.

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