Why Choose Us?

A&F Consultancy is about impacting and improving people’s lives. We create and empower high-growth entrepreneurs, specifically women, to promote change that will impact nations to benefit all for the greater good of society. We promote personal and business success for individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporations from low and middle income communities in Africa.
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CREATE and GROW entrepreneurs who

  • Are women from low and middle income
  • Are innovative
  • Transition to non-traditional sectors

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CHANGE nations, one business at a time, by providing

  • High quality hybrid training
  • Customized courses and training packages
  • Individual coaching that puts you at the center
  • Help with access to capital

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CONTRIBUTE to achieve sustainability by

  • Creating jobs
  • Improving lives through shared prosperity
  • Participating in mainstream economic activities
  • Assisting profitable and sustainable businesses

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Why not be your own boss?

Impact Entrepreneurship

Impact entrepreneurship is investing in entrepreneurs. The Impact Entrepreneurship platform uses Akwaaba Business Solutions to improve business performance and acumen, access capital, and scale- up. The platform integrates core services (face- to face training, online training, and business coaching), complementary services and brokerage services in accessing capital.

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Entrepreneurship: Is Being Driven by Passion Enough?

Sometimes the word passion is associated with fairy-tale stories. Some define passion as a direct result of success, presenting the picture of a happy-go-lucky adventure. We hear stories of what others have accomplished and, to most of us, success seems in the far distance.

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Why Most Business Start-ups Fail!

I am a perfectionist! I am also a hard driver who loves to get the work done and make things happen. As entrepreneurs we work long hours to pay our bills and satisfy our customer’s needs (internal and external). Long working hours are usually accompanied by a lack of sleep, missed meals and reduced contact time with family

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Financial Inclusion for SME’s

Financing for Development, “from billions to trillions to action” is the new call to eradicate global poverty in developing countries. This year, 2016, ushered in the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which aim to eradicate poverty by 2030. Excitement grows around the inclusive nature of the SDGs, but how to fund it remains a challenge.

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Akwaaba Business Solutions

Basic Business Skills Development

The basic business skills development training consists of short courses and modules that are packaged for start-up, young and established entrepreneurs.

Personal Development

The personal development training has stand-alone courses designed to help individuals, entrepreneurs, employees, and business owners put SELF at the center of their proficiencies.

Management & Leadership Development

The management and leadership development training aims to create a cadre of managers and leaders with a focus on impact and quality.

Workforce Development

The workforce development training focuses on three key aspects of operations courses – marketing, operations and finance.

Training Development

You will discover the potential from within to deliver a successful training or an effective meeting. The training development courses help harness your speaking skills.